Recap & Review: Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 – The Festival

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 Recap & Review, their school into a charter school. They come together to prevent this from happening and come up with a plan to gather signatures from parents for their petition. But when their efforts fall short, they decide to trick the parents into signing by throwing a festival for open house.

Abbott Elementary’s Teachers Unite Against Charter School Proposal in Season 2 Episode 19

Ava and Janine suggest different headliners for the festival, causing some tension between them and Gregory. However, they manage to attract a large crowd of parents with Ava’s trick of advertising Jazmine Sullivan’s appearance. But when she doesn’t show up, the parents realize they were deceived.

Recap Review Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 The Festival
Recap Review Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19 The Festival

Despite the setback, the teachers don’t give up and call in Tariq to help them out. He puts on a fun show, allowing Gregory to gather more signatures. However, Draemond unexpectedly shows up to give a speech against the petition, which backfires and causes the parents to realize their kids might not even get to go to Abbott Charter.

In the end, the teachers celebrate their success in gathering enough signatures and Draemond admits his loss. The episode highlights the importance of teamwork and sticking up for what’s right.

The Episode Review

“Festival” is a standout episode of Abbott Elementary that showcases the strengths of each character. The festival plotline adds an element of fun and excitement to the episode, while also addressing serious issues such as the threat of charter schools. The reintroduction of Tariq adds another layer to the story, as does the tension between Janine, Ava, and Gregory.

While the episode provides a satisfying resolution to the petition plotline, it does leave some questions about what’s next for the rest of the season. However, with the strong writing and performances in this episode, it’s clear that Abbott Elementary has much more to offer.

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