Dance 100 Season 1 Review: A Flawed Execution of a Great Concept

Dance 100 Season 1 Review, Netflix’s latest reality show, Dance 100, brings together eight choreographers to compete against each other by choreographing increasingly complex routines for a group of dancers, up to 100 in total. The show’s unique concept is appealing, but its execution leaves much to be desired. This review will dive into the show’s strengths and weaknesses and what viewers can expect.

Reviewing Netflix’s Dance 100 Season 1: Flawed Execution of a Great Concept

Dance 100 Season 1 Review
Dance 100 Season 1 Review

The Competition Format

Dance 100’s competition format is intriguing. The choreographers are competing for a cash prize of $100k, and the dancers also serve as judges. At the end of each round, the dancers rally behind who they believe is the best dancer on the night, regardless of the choreographer they belong to. However, this format is not without flaws. The show opens itself up for fixing and eliminating anyone who has a differing opinion from the group. Some choreographers are even shunned and left out to dry, even when their performances are quite good.

Camera Work and Gimmicks

One significant issue with Dance 100 is its camera work. The camera relentlessly zooms in, sweeps across the stage, quick cuts sporadically between different dancers, and even pipes in crowd reactions, including applause and shocked gasps across the 3-4 minute routines. This makes it hard to see the whole routine and marvel at the dance routines in their glory. However, the show’s different gimmicks, including themed dances and a challenging “narrative dance,” are lovely inclusions that spice up the competition.

Expert Judging

This is the sort of show crying out for an expert choreography team to judge the competitors and routines away from the “Dance 100” who hold the keys to who wins or loses. While the dancers serve as judges, they are not experts in choreography, and their judgments can be flawed. It would be great to see more critical comments from the judges to provide valuable feedback to the contestants.

Personal Favorites

Despite its flaws, Dance 100 has its heart in the right place, and it’s easy to root for some of the choreographers to do well. Personal favorites from this reviewer include Keenan and Celine, who have some pretty solid routines. Of course, everyone’s favorites will inevitably differ.

Dance 100 is a reality show that boasts a great concept, but its execution falls short. The inability to properly see the whole routine and flawed judging system are significant drawbacks. However, if you’re a fan of reality TV and looking for something to switch off to this weekend, Dance 100 might be worth checking out. The themed dances and narrative dance gimmicks are lovely inclusions, and some of the choreographers put on solid performances.

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