Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31: Recap and Where to Watch

Will There Be Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31, Alcohol has been a significant part of human lives for centuries, for reasons such as coping with tough times, socializing, and enjoying the taste and feeling. However, it should not become an addiction, and people should consume it in moderation. One of the most popular Korean variety shows that revolves around drinks is “Drink With God.”

Drink With God: Season 2 Episode 31 and the Entertaining World of Korean Variety Shows

Drink With God Season 2
Drink With God Season 2

Drink With God: Main Hosts

Shin Dong Yup, a renowned comedian and strong drinker, hosts the show along with Park Sun Young, a well-spoken announcer, and radio DJ, and Lee Yong Jin, a veteran singer and comedian. Xiumin, a member of the popular boyband EXO, and Sung Si-Kyung, a prominent singer, actor, and comedian, also joined the show in the second season.

Drink With God Season 1 Recap

The first season of “Drink With God” featured Shin Dong Yup, Lee Yong Jin, and Park Sun Young sharing drinks and stories from various life experiences with special guests. They recommended the best food and liquor combinations for specific situations and provided historical and essential information about each drink.

Drink With God Season 2 Recap

The second season of “Drink With God” returned with many more delightful food and drink combinations, juicy gossip, enlightening life stories, and new guests. The new season also introduced a new host, Sung Si-Kyung.

Will There Be Drink With God Season 2 Episode 31?

There were 30 episodes in the second season of “Drink With God.” Episode 30 did not air, and the show returned with a third installment on April 8th, 2022, with about 20 episodes.

Drink With God: Where To Watch

“Drink With God” can be streamed on TVING and KOCOWA with English subtitles.

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