Exploring the Fate of Rokurōta: Did Sagiri and Gabimaru Kill Rokurōta?

Did Sagiri and Gabimaru Kill Rokurōta?, Yūji Kaku’s manga series, Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku, has captured the hearts of many with its diverse and fascinating characters. In this article, we’ll delve into the fate of one of these characters – the criminal, Rokurōta – and his final moments in the most recent episode of the anime.

After killing Eizen and gravely injuring Genji, Rokurōta confronted Sagiri and Gabimaru in a battle to the death. Gabimaru utilized his Ninpō: Hibōshi technique to engulf the forest in flames, causing the giant criminal to choke. Taking advantage of his weakened state, Sagiri swiftly beheaded him, ending his life.

Did Sagiri and Gabimaru Kill Rokurōta
Did Sagiri and Gabimaru Kill Rokurōta

Rokurōta was one of the most captivating criminals in the Hell’s Paradise universe, leaving fans eager to learn more about him and his demise. This article delves into Rokurōta’s death and contains spoilers from the manga series, so read with caution.

After a bitter and complex fight, Sagiri was able to behead Rokurōta

Sagiri successfully beheaded Rokurota after a bitter and complex fight. Later in the plot, it was revealed that Rokurōta was a giant since birth due to an unusual case of gigantism. He brutally murdered and likely ate his parents and the entire village as a baby, which resulted in his arrest.

The shogun offered him a pardon if he searched for the Elixir of Life, which he accepted. Rokurōta’s first full appearance was on the island with Yamada Asaemon Eizen as his escort.

During their approach to the island, Rokurōta attacked Eizen, who drew his sword in defense but was ultimately killed and consumed by Rokurōta. Later, Rokurōta attacked Genji and was confronted by Gabimaru, who was unable to harm the giant. Sagiri obtained Genji’s sword and, with Gabimaru’s guidance, beheaded Rokurōta after using a combination of techniques to force him onto his knees.

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During the fight, Yuzuriha took Senta away to safety, sensing Gabimaru’s plan to use fire attacks to force Rokurōta into a vulnerable position. The plan succeeded, causing Rokurōta to choke on smoke and ultimately leading to his demise. Sagiri took his head and put his soul to rest.

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