Oasis K-Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review: Rising Up

Power Plays and Betrayals in Oasis A Recap of Episode 4, In the fourth episode of Oasis K, Yeo-jin and Hwang attend the opening of a Paris Salon shop. Hwang introduces Yeo-jin as the CEO, and she receives a warm welcome from everyone. Hwang confesses his feelings for her and attempts to kiss her, but she evades it. Captain Oh drops Yeo-jin home, where Cheol-woong is waiting for her. Cheol-woong tells Yeo-jin that he will soon become someone with power, and she promises to help him.

Oasis K drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Oasis K Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review Rising Up
Oasis K Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review Rising Up

Elsewhere, Du-hak helps Poong-ho scam someone with the Namhae theatre’s title deed. He spies on Jung-shin, who is apologizing to her father for selling off the theatre. In a flashback, we see that Mr. Oh had visited Du-hak and told him to break up with his daughter. In the present, Du-hak realizes that Jung-shin still cares for him.

Episode 4 of Oasis Unveils the Dark Side of Seoul’s Underworld: A Review

The scammers inform Du-hak that Kwang-tak’s men have kidnapped Poong-ho. Du-hak seeks help from Hyung-joo’s group and visits Kwang-tak with a briefcase of their ticket scalping earnings. Kwang-tak thinks he has seen through Du-hak’s plan, but Du-hak detonates tear gas grenades from the briefcase, saving Poong-ho and kidnapping Kwang-tak. Du-hak asks to be part of Kwang-tak’s family, and Kwang-tak agrees.

Geum-ok asks Jung-shin about their plan to expand the business. Jung-shin suggests taking down one of the distributors in Gyeonggi-do. Hyung-joo discovers that Young-pil is pocketing some of the money by creating a fake ledger. Kwang-tak gives Du-hak’s group one of his hotels, where Young-pil eats his meals, and they kick him out. Behind his back, Du-hak invites all of Young-pil’s men for a meal and bribes them.

Kwang-tak asks Du-hak to interrupt a movie set and escort the actress Song Yeon-ju to shoot their film first. Jung-shin runs in to stop them and slaps Du-hak, asking how he can end up as a thug. Cheol-woong visits Du-hak and tells him about Jung-shin crying over him, and they bond over their tough lives.

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In conclusion, the fourth episode of Oasis highlights the struggles and growth of the main characters as they rise up in their respective fields. It also showcases the power dynamics and complexities of the criminal world.

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