Shaman King Flowers: New Release, Cast, Staff, and Visuals Unveiled for Highly-Anticipated Anime Sequel

Shaman King Flowers Look at the Upcoming Anime Sequel, Shaman King Flowers, the much-awaited sequel to the popular anime Shaman King (2021), is all set to return in January 2024. The website for the upcoming series recently revealed the cast, staff, teaser visual, teaser promotional video, and premiere date, much to the excitement of fans.

Shaman King Flowers New Release Cast Staff and Visuals Unveiled for Highly Anticipated Anime Sequel
Shaman King Flowers New Release Cast Staff and Visuals Unveiled for Highly Anticipated Anime Sequel

The Story and Setting

Shaman King Flowers follows the story of You Asakura, a shaman-in-training who aims to become the Shaman King, a prestigious title that enables the incumbent to summon the Great Spirit and shape the world according to their desires. The series is set in a world of powerful shamans who can communicate with spirits, ghosts, and gods.

The Cast and Staff

The cast of Shaman King Flowers includes some talented voice actors, such as Youko Hikasa, Katsuyuki Konishi, Sumire Uesaka, Shun Horie, Michiko Kaiden, and Romi Park. Meanwhile, Takeshi Furuta is returning from the previous anime to direct the new series, while Shoji Yonemura is back as the series scriptwriter. Mayuko Yamamoto is replacing Satohiko Sano as the character designer.

Other staff members include Toshiumi Iizumi and Satoshi Mutsuda for the over-soul design, Yuji Shibata for the prop design, Jin’ya Kimura for the art direction, Natsuko Otsuka for the color key art, Teruyuki Kawase for the compositing director of photography, Kumiko Sakamoto for editing, Yuki Hayashi for music, Masafumi Mima for sound direction, and King Records for music production.

The Visual and Trailer

The key visual for Shaman King Flowers showcases the characters around whom the story will revolve and develop. The teaser trailer shows You Asakura’s journey to becoming the Shaman King, along with the impressive animation style of the series.


Shaman King Flowers is a highly anticipated anime series that fans of the original series are eagerly waiting for. With its talented cast, experienced staff, and promising visuals and trailer, the series is expected to bring new twists and turns in the storyline, along with exciting new characters. The first season of the anime was well-received, and fans can’t wait to see what the upcoming season has in store.

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