Swallowed Star Episode 80: Release Date & What to Expect

Swallowed Star Episode 80 Release Date, Recap, swallowed star episode 80 release date, Swallowed Star Episode 80: Release Date & Streaming Guide, In Swallowed Star Episode 79, Luo Feng managed to defeat 5 king monsters and inspired other stars to join him in the battle. However, the eastern military base faces a new challenge when the octopus monster emperor awakens and swallows a warhead instantly. In Swallowed Star Episode 80, we will see how Feng saves the world from this terrifying foe.

Swallowed Star Episode 80 Release Date Streaming Guide
Swallowed Star Episode 80 Release Date Streaming Guide

Swallowed Star Episode 79: Recap

In Swallowed Star Episode 79, Luo Feng heads towards a horde of king monsters near the sea. As he flies on his board, people from all over the world pray for his victory. When he reaches the shore, he’s attacked by a king monster but manages to dodge its tentacles. Another monster appears, but he parries its attack. Three more monsters join the fight, but Luo Feng remains determined to kill one of them and save millions of lives.

The battle is intense, with the monsters charging up their powers and unleashing a massive energy blast. Luo Feng uses the mental power weapon arc knife tray to knock out one monster and send the others flying. The fight continues, with the military officers and people hoping for Luo Feng’s victory.

Luo Feng begins to turn the tides of the battle, cutting and defeating several monsters. He defeats the jellyfish monster and throws it away to fight the last monster, the east sea green dragon. He commends his weapon and puts all his mental energy into it to simulate the curved blade, which he throws at the monster, cutting it in half along with the mountains behind it.

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Luo Feng’s victory inspires hope and sends a wave of encouragement to other warriors on the battlefield. However, the humans’ advantage may not last long.

Swallowed Star Episode 80 Release Date and Time

Swallowed Star Episode 80 will be released on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 10:00 AM Chinese Standard Time. Fans worldwide can watch the episode at the following times:

Japanese Standard TimeMarch 22, 202311:00 AM
Indian Standard TimeMarch 22, 202307:30 AM
Central European TimeMarch 22, 202303:00 AM
New YorkMarch 21, 202309:00 PM
Australian Capital TerritoryMarch 22, 202312:30 PM
Eastern Indonesian TimeMarch 22, 202311:00 AM
Singapore Standard TimeMarch 22, 202310:00 AM
Pacific TimeMarch 21, 202306:00 PM
Eastern European TimeMarch 22, 202304:00 AM
Philippines Standard TimeMarch 22, 202310:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeMarch 22, 202311:00 AM

Swallowed Star Episode 80 Streaming Guide

Fans can watch Swallowed Star Episode 80 on WeTV, along with all the previous episodes, but will need a subscription to watch the new episodes. Alternatively, fans can also watch the episode on YouTube on Tencent Videos by becoming a member of their channel.

Swallowed Star Episode 80 promises to be another action-packed episode with Luo Feng facing a new challenge in the form of the octopus monster emperor. Fans of the series can mark their calendars and tune in to their preferred streaming service to catch the latest episode.

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