Episode 7 Recap & Ending Of ‘The Good Bad Mother’: The Fate Of Young Soon And Kang Ho

The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap & Ending Revealed, The seventh episode of ‘The Good Bad Mother’ presented a whirlwind of emotions for viewers. Amidst the lighter moments, our hearts were heavy with grief for the characters. Our sincerest hope is for Young Soon and Kang Ho to find happiness, even if only for a few episodes, as their journey ahead is bound to be challenging. Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive recap and the ending of Episode 7 of ‘The Good Bad Mother.’

Why Does Young Soon Contemplate Taking Her Own Life, Along with Kang Ho’s?

Upon learning that she has limited time left to live, Young Soon begins making arrangements for Kang Ho to take over their responsibilities. She meticulously prepares a diary, guiding him on what to do and who to contact in case of any issues with the house or the farm. Surprisingly, she even teaches him how to swear at people who might mistreat or deceive him. It appears that Young Soon confronts Baek Hoon Ah, who had plastered posters throughout the village, calling for the pig farm’s closure. This confrontation leads to a heated argument, resulting in Baek Hoon Ah leaving with a bloody nose. Young Soon desperately wishes to live for the sake of her son, but she also needs to be practical.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap & Ending Revealed
The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap & Ending Revealed (image source google)

Kang Ho senses that something is amiss with his mother. He observes that she is not her usual cheerful self. However, his assumption is proven wrong when Young Soon returns with a more joyful demeanor, unveiling a plan. Unfortunately, their hopes are shattered when the government kills Young Soon’s pigs. According to the law, if any poultry farm is affected by a disease, all animals within a 3-kilometer radius must be culled. A nearby goat farm had contracted a disease, leading to the tragic demise of all the pigs on Young Soon’s farm. This turn of events devastates her, as the farm held significance beyond just being a source of livelihood.

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Young Soon’s husband, Choi Hae Sik, considered the pig farm a cherished family legacy, and he had even given his life for it. He dreamed of passing down the farm through generations. With the death of all the pigs, that dream was abruptly extinguished. The situation is particularly heart-wrenching because one of the pigs had recently given birth to piglets, leaving behind orphaned offspring. The authorities bury the pigs on the potato farm, leaving Young Soon without any means of sustenance. The villagers empathize with her sorrow, but Mi Joo’s mother shares a special bond with Young Soon. They both gave birth on the same day, and Young Soon had supported her during her time of loss when her husband passed away.

Who Are the Two Spies in the Village?

Remember the two men who saved Kang Ho’s life and were spying on his house in Episode 6? As a result of the lie they told Young Soon, they end up purchasing the neighboring cornfield. However, Sam Sik’s mother attempts to conceal the sale from her son, fearing that he will misappropriate the money once again. Although her concerns are not unwarranted, this time Sam Sik plans to deceive outsiders instead of stealing from his own home. He promises his creditors that he will pay them double the amount with interest within a month. In reality, he intends to swindle the two men who purchased the cornfield.

These two men stumble upon valuable information. Inside Kang Ho’s house, they discover a wig and evidence that Kang Ho had been leaking information about Woobyeok’s corrupt activities. Yet, when the Chairman learns of this, he dismisses it, assuming it was Kang Ho’s ambitious move. The Chairman applauds Kang Ho’s entrepreneurial spirit and instructs the men to continue searching for evidence against Of Tae Soo, who has arranged his daughter’s engagement to a powerful industrialist’s son.

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Does Kang Ho Rescue Young Soon?

Young Soon contemplates taking both her own life and Kang Ho’s. However, at the last moment, she changes her mind upon witnessing her son’s optimistic outlook for a brighter future. Kang Ho’s belief that their piglet, Lion, is still alive gives her a glimmer of hope. Unable to bring herself to harm him, Young Soon decides to take Kang Ho to a rehabilitation center instead. She arranges for his long-term care and drops him off at the facility after he returns from the bathhouse with Seo Jin and Sam Sik. This plan not only addresses Seo Jin’s bullying situation but also ensures temporary care for Kang Ho and Young Soon.

Moved by her son’s resilience, Young Soon cannot bear to carry out her initial plan. Instead, she opts to drop Kang Ho off at the rehabilitation center while she deals with her own distress. However, Kang Ho’s stay at the center is short-lived. He manages to escape in his wheelchair, causing a panic as the hospital staff struggles to reach his mother. In the final moments of ‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 7, Kang Ho arrives home to find his mother attempting to commit suicide by hanging. Overwhelmed with desperation, he bravely tries to save her, mustering the strength to rise from his wheelchair and lift her up. At the last moment, Young Soon regains consciousness, and we suspect she witnesses Kang Ho standing on his feet.

Final Thoughts

The 7 episode of ‘The Good Bad Mother’ took viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, as the characters faced daunting challenges. Despite the heartbreak and despair, Young Soon and Kang Ho’s love and resilience shine through. The fate of these two characters hangs in the balance, and viewers eagerly anticipate the next episodes to see how their story unfolds. Stay connected with us to know the next story

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