SEGA Sammy's CEO, Haruki Satomi, and CFO, Koichi Fukazawa, recently discussed the company's future plans during a Q&A session.

One topic addressed was the possibility of SEGA raising game prices in line with industry trends.

SEGA acknowledged that AAA console games have traditionally been sold at $59.99 for many years.

However, in the past year, titles priced at $69.99 have started to appear in the market.

SEGA expressed its intention to review game prices that they believe should be adjusted to align with these industry changes.

Take-Two Interactive set the trend in 2020 by raising the price of NBA 2K21 to $70.

Other major game companies, including Sony, Activision, EA, Square Enix, Microsoft, and Nintendo, have followed suit with their own price increases.

It is speculated that SEGA's upcoming Sonic title may also see a price adjustment following the success of their recent release, Sonic Frontiers.